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How It Works



Outsourcing allows you to use our staff, our space and our infrastructure as if it were your own! Our staff is all based in the USA.


     If you had an extra set of hands - what would you have them do... that's what! Our current services include:
  1. Credit Check Service
  2. Lien Assurance Service
  3. Sales & Marketing Services
  4. Member Organization Services
  5. Pre-Collection Level Accounts Receivable Service

Or just tell us what you need!


     Seamless Transition: Our infrastructure includes phone lines, email, as well as stationery, invoices and reports all set up to represent your organization: start projects immediately!


     Increase: Cash Flow, Customer Care & Retention, Your Staff's Time and Energy for Other Functions!

Decrease: Work Overload, Customer Delinquency, DSO & Write Offs, Operating Expenses!


     Professional Staff: Experienced, courteous, efficient, diverse, results driven…Use our staff as your own!

Cost Effective Rates: We do your work at a fraction of what it would cost you to do it in-house! You will be surprised at how cost effective outsourcing to SOS will be!!

When You Need Another Resource... Outsource!

Strategic Outsource Solutions (SOS)
is a Division of Commercial Collection Corp of NY
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