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Lien Assurance Service

The purpose of this program is to offer material suppliers, capital improvement manufacturers and contractors, the added protection of bond information, lien protection and/or preliminary notice services. We have a variety of customers in all phases of construction work that sell in all 50 states.

  • PRE-LIEN NOTICE - In those states where notice is required, we will send the statutory notice to protect your lien rights.

  • BOND RESEARCH - We will determine if a bond is available, obtain a copy and provide assessment of your protection, notice requests, etc. before the deal is made.

  • LIEN INVESTIGATION - Like bond research, we will determine if a lien is appropriate and advise if you will have adequate protection.

  • FILE LIEN - On those matters that appear to be going 'South,' we will hire an attorney in the area that specializes in this work.

  • BOND CLAIM - For public projects, we will file a bond claim on behalf of your company if payment is not received from your customer within the deadline.

  • NON-STATUTORY NOTICE OF INTENT TO LIEN - On those occasions that a pre-lien notice is not a statutory requirement or was not sent, this notice can provide the push to get your account settled.

  • FULL SERVICE - Utilize our full service capabilities which allow you to access all of the applicable services above. (Includes Attorney Locate Nationwide)

The following charges apply:

Pre-Lien Notice $40.00
Bond Research $100.00
Lien Investigation Varies
File Attorney Charges
Bond Claim $40.00
Non-Statutory Notice of Intent to Lien $40.00
Full Service $125.00

For immediate placement use our Lien Assurance Placement Form.

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