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Pre-Collect Accounts Receivable Service

Use Our Helping Hands At Our US Based Facility To:

Make Calls, Send Letters, Emails and/or Statements...
Contact Current or Aged Accounts
Resolve Unauthorized Deductions
Rectify Unearned Discounts
Update Your Customer Files, Emails, Addresses
And/Or More: We Design Our Programs to Fit Your Need!

Benefits To You...
Increase Your Cash Flow!
Lower Your Operating Expense!
Reduce DSO & Write Offs!
Improve Customer Care & Retention!
Seamless Transition!
Eliminate Work Overload!
Put Your Staff's Energy & Time on More Critical Functions!
Use Our Staff, Our Space and Our Infrastructure as Your Own!
We are an Extension of Your Credit Department!

When You Need Another Resource... Outsource!

Strategic Outsource Solutions (SOS)
is a Division of Commercial Collection Corp of NY
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