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Having worked with Commercial Collection Corp at both my previous employers and my new company, I can say that my experience with them has shown them to provide professional, reliable and timely work.

When we purchased several other companies, I used CCC to work on the old balances from the acquired companies. Not only were they able to obtain payments, but their research enabled us to identify disputed accounts, clear up old balances and even re-sign customers for our core business.

They provide daily updates via e-mail and complete the work in just a couple of days each month.

Without their work, I would have had to hire and train additional staff, which would have cost us a considerable amount of time and money.

I continue to use Commercial Collection Corp each month and plan on doing so for both long term and temporary projects and highly recommend them to anyone who has A/R issues.

Kurtz Mjoen
DFT Security Company

We have had the opportunity to work with Commercial Collection Corporation on several different projects. Those projects have included:

Individual account A/R management ---- CCC took over one of our most chronic slow paying accounts whose normal balance was well over 120 days with outstanding balances close to $100K. They have lowered that amount to $30K while bringing their DSO to less than 40 days.

Quarterly A/R Phone Blitzes ---- Each quarter we blitz all of our accounts. We outsource as many as 1200 accounts to Commercial Collection Corp, and they have collected as much as $4,500,000.00 in a single month.

Lien Insurance ---- We use CCC's legal expertise to help us apply for, follow up and in some cases initiate payment on large projects.

In all cases, Commercial Collection Corp. has provided us with professional, timely and efficient work. Their flexibility to handle unique programs on short notice or planned projects has enabled us to minimize our costs while getting the maximum in return.

We would highly recommend using Commercial Collection Corp. in any outsourcing project.

Alan Lanctot
Corporate Credit Manager
Getinge USA

P.S. Please notice the following DSO Reduction Graph (from 117 days to 61) since our outsourcing program started with Commercial Collection Corp.

click here to enlarge graph

We have had the pleasure of working with Commercial Collection Corporation for several years. It has been our experience with them that keeps us coming back to them for several different projects. Their staff has always provided us with timely reports and follow-up along with a very professional approach in the way that they communicate with us and our customers.

Some of the work that they have done for us is listed below:

Legal Work: Commercial Collection Corp has coordinated our legal needs with their legal department to facilitate recovering past due funds, filing suits and obtaining lien insurance.

A/R Work: CCC has provided us with the outsourcing capability to work our customer base on a monthly basis. This enabled us to have our staff work key accounts without having to spend extra funds to hire part-time employees to cover our base needs.

Account Management: CCC has worked on identifying problems with our current customers, clearing up issues that would have impacted our bottom line.

They have also provided skip tracing and investigative work.

I would recommend their organization to any potential company or organization.

Anthony N. Diina
Metrodata Services, Inc.

I truly enjoy working with CCC. We use them for both 1st and 3rd party collections. They are personable and friendly and courteous to customers. We have no complaints. They worked with us through a change in A/R software and kept up collections even though we had problems with file transmissions, account balances, etc. And, most importantly, we have good collection results. The rest of the Credit Dept echoes my comments.

I recommend them for all of your collecting needs. Thank you.

Sandra Sokolowski
Credit Supervisor
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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